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هتل و مراکز اقامتی

Hotel and Residential Centers

Regarding the development of the tourism industry all over the world, hotel management, as an effective sector, plays an important role in this growing industry. The hotel guests raise new expectations and the owners continuously try to make a difference and attract more customers. Installation and launch of VINAK IPTV in the hotel with the possibility of the management of public and private services, provision of amusing and diverse entertainment content, increasing the speed and quality of the hosting services, and easily controlling the hotel`s TVs would lead to the satisfaction of the guests.

مجتمع های مسکونی

Residential complexes

The use of an internet-based IPTV in the residential building besides eliminating some overhead costs of the equipment maintenance and content provision would lead to the enjoyment of broad facilities through the use of IPTV. Integration of smart features, possibility of Media Sharing, central content production, access to the cameras, easily controlling of BMS system, quick and easy management of the building’s welfare services, reduction in separate service and supporting troubles, and timely notification of events and momentary hazards are only a part of the effects of VINAK IPTV installation in a residential building, which create a safe and suitable environment for the family through increasing the composure and comfort.

بیمارستان ها


The hospital is a suitable environment for treatment, caring, and nursing of patients seeking medical care. This environment, besides medical services, is required to offer educational services, broadcast, and nursing to accelerate the recovery process. By creating a positive space, VINAK IPTV would help the hospitals and medical centers to provide dynamic information, scheduled training of physicians, nurses, and patients, combine medical and entertainment services, and accelerate service delivery, provide patients and clients with a higher level of comfort, treatment and confidence.

ساختمان های اداری تجاری

Commercial and Office Buildings

In all commercial and office centers, the effective and efficient advertisement along with the provision of information and tips is the condition for successfulness and prosperity of that center. The development of the business cannot be achieved without advertisement. VINAK IPTV would enable the office-commercial complexes` TVs to offer the customers entertainment and information along with the advertisement, through timely and effective grabbing of customers’ look. The concentrated management and the possibility of instantaneous changing of the same or different images, creating the desired layout of the advertisements, management of the touch screen information booths, and simultaneous use as advertising signage and IPTV, help the complexes create and retain loyal customers.

Our Services

Provision of IPTV solutions is the capability and a special feature of Moojafzar. In this regard, we are standing by your side through the provision of the best solutions and related training, as well as free consultations. You can optimize your complex’s performance with our services.

Provision of IPTV Solutions

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Why Moojafzar?

Mehrgan Kish Moojafzar Company is a knowledge-based company specialized in interactive TV solutions. Our feature is the compatibility of our products with a variety of TVs and IP and RF infrastructures and the ability to interact with a variety of software in the complexes.

But what distinguishes us is our 24-hour fast services.

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Our aim

Our aim is to benefit the complexes from the latest IPTV achievements, to obtain the customers’ satisfaction and make a profit, and ultimately, the economic prosperity of the country

Our misson

With the goal of the economic prosperity of the country, we are determined to deliver the best interactive TV solutions with the latest technologies and competitive prices.

Our Vision

Regarding the position of the country in the world and region, we are aimed to be at the forefront of the region in the provision of IPTV solutions

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