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Undoubtedly, with any contracts, a series of requirements and duties would be upon the parties in a way both of them are obliged to follow them. Meanwhile, customers can enjoy a series of rights and privileges by doing their commitments correctly. In the Moojafzar Mehrgan Kish Co. customer rights` charter we have: “with belief in the observance of high human dignity and with reliance on the transcendent values of rich Islamic and Iranian culture, for the cause of the sustainable development, Moojafzar Mehrgan Kish Co. and all its staff are obliged for adjudication of the legitimate rights of the customers”

The following principles are among the fundamental axes of customer rights and their addresse are the respected customers.

  • The respected customer has the right to be treated honestly, fairly, and legitimately.
  • We treat you with courtesy, respect, and moderation.
  • We do our commitments precisely and quickly, without any deliberate delinquency.
  • We believe that the honesty in speech and action and timely fulfillment of the commitments are our duties.
  • We decide and act based on authenticated and ongoing laws and regulations.
  • The respected customer has the right to be informed and guided.
  • We inform you about your rights and duties in different ways.
  • We guide you as much as possible and provide you with reliable information.
  • We use all our knowledge, expertise, and facilities to satisfy you.
  • Our performance is transparent and we take responsibility.
  • Continuous improvement of our services’ quality is your right.


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